Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lake Bonaparte to Grande Forks

July 1, 2015    

Lake Bonaparte to Grande Forks

The loons were calling at 4:30 Am this morning.  Ducks started a few minutes later.  The ground squirrels were busy rummaging the campsite all night.  They chewed the bite valve off of  Earnie’s camelback during the night. 

We started the ride just after 7:00 AM and headed off down the backroad.   It was a tree lined lane and the sun shining through the leaves made beautiful speckled color.  However it was probably not the color or the lack of cars but the fact that it was a 7% down grade which made it a beautiful ride.   We earned the downhill from yesterday’s climb. About 3 kms down the road we came to an unmarked Y.  Luckily a car came by and gave us directions.  The downhill continued all the way to the town of Curlew which was 45 kms.   From there we had 20 kms to the Canadian border and then only 10 km into Grand Forks. 

An easy day and all set up by 11:00 Am. 



Agnes said...

Xena always knew squirrels were nasty and not to be trusted. Back in Canada,eh? Glad you had an easier ride today. Happy Canada Day! Ride safe.

Anonymous said...

Guess Earnie should have left instructions for the varmints on the proper use of a camelback..... Gary and Candy boarded their cruise yesterday under a blazing sun and the hot weather is to continue for the ensuing week.
Your tour has exposed us to endless magnificent scenery. Howard