Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shaken down by the Boarder police

Day 45 Aheloy to Malko Turnovo

I was sorry to leave our wonderful little hotel with the great food and people this morning, but headed off for what was promised to be a hot hill day.

The first 40 kms took us down the coast and though the busy harbour city of Burgas. Even though it was early traffic was nerve wracking. Always having big heavy trucks passing you less than a few feet away just makes it scary. At last we turned off on to a secondary road and although the surface wasn’t as good there was very little traffic.

Lunch was a total none event beside a microwave tower in a burned out field of weeds full of spines. By time I got to the 75 km I hadn’t taken one picture, and didn’t have one story to tell you. Then I spotted an old truck which didn’t have wheels but had treads instead. So I took its’ picture. At least I would have something.

At the 90 km mark was a little town with a store and a number of riders had pulled in for refreshments. So I rode on in as well. While we were sitting at a table in front of the store a local came out and played his accordion. He thought we were French so he played the French national anthem. We emptied all our coins on to the table for him. He made out great that day as every group of riders stopped and he came out and played for them.

Then about 5 km out of town I get pulled over by the Bulgarian boarder police. They want to see my passport. Thankfully I have it with me. A lot of the riders don't carry thier passport. This is apparently highly unusual. Randy one of the tour leaders says he had never heard of such a thing.

Tonight’s hotel is an old soviet apartment building which is no a dormitory. There is no place to stay in the town so we are staying here. It is a total dump. To think I rode 106 kms in hot sun to get here!

Tomorrow Turkey!

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Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that you got stopped by the boarder police, you get searched everytime you go through customs. Be happy it was Bulgaria and not Turkey. The wild pigs look cool. I work with a couple of Bulgarians, I should ask them about it. See ya soon.