Sunday, July 13, 2008

Black Sea Holiday

Day 43 A Rest Day In Varna Bulgaria

I am really in shock over this whole affair. There is the cycling across Europe thing which totally blows me away, and that I am doing it is even more unbelievable. Then here we are in Bulgaria, part of the Empire of Evil which has transformed itself into a modern vibrant country. Unbelievable! And most unbelievable is that we are nearly all the way to Istanbul. Just six more ride days totaling a mere 481 kms.

Today however is a rest day in a beautiful resort. We are staying in a beautiful hotel which is right on the main pedestrian mall. It is a short stroll down to the beach. So naturally I slept in, got up and did blogs for the last few days, went for a two hour walk, came back for a nap, went to the beach, had a splash in the Black sea, ate fast food, and had a beer. The total definition of a lazy day. It is smoking hot here at 30+ C and 100% humidity.

I walked past this maritime museum which seems to be permanently closed. They had a lot of interesting things on the grounds, some of which are in today's, pictures.

After a survey of who went where last night for supper, I think that we will go back to the same place we went last night. But then I told you all about it already so I won't go in to how good the chicken livers were or the beef kabob.

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Anonymous said...

hey buddy,
Can't belive that you only have six more ride days. I can totally relate to your feelings of exhaustion. Been there! Good thing you had a rest day! Enjoy the food but be cauious about chicken! Bill got wicked food poisoning in Istabul. have a good remainder of your trip. Stay safe!I gotta get some work done!

Anonymous said...

TW: Have been away for a while, enjoy your blogs missed them while on the boat. Can hardly believe you are almost done! Glad to see that you had a dip in the Black Sea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry;
You'll be happy that DW has been replaced for the 2nd half of the NASCAR series with the witless Kyle Petty who is sadly no better of a commentator than he was as a driver!!!
See Ya Soon!!

Agnes said...

Glad you had a great rest day . . . Godzila (sic) appears to be of the TREX variety. Hard to believe you are nearing the end of this epic ride. I am looking forward to your next entries, the pictures and your return home.