Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day In Romania

Day 31 Rest Day in Timisoara Romania

Being a rest day I slept in until 7:00 Am. I guess that I should have gotten up to run but my back has been so stiff I just felt that it would be better served by laying in bed.

So instead I got up did blog and went down for a really nice breakfast in the hotel. The hotels we have been staying at generally have breakfasts included with the room. They have without exception been excellent.

After breakfast I joined Sebastian, who is the tour guide that Tour de Afrique has hired to be our Romania guide, for a city walking tour. Although there was not much walking, we just went out into the square behind the hotel, Sebastian did give us a lot of history about Timisoara and about Romania. It was here in Dec 1989 where the revolution started that brought down the communist rule in Romania. We walked past the church where the soldiers first shot their own citizens and then refused to do so any more which effectively ended communist rule. His commentary on history and other aspects of Romania life were priceless. He also showed us how to find and use a phone card. Finally! How not to be taken at one of the many money exchange offices, and even how to order a draft beer.

Later we wandered the town before winding up back at the hotel for an afternoon nap.

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Agnes said...

Love the pictures; the bus looks neat although I am not sure I would want to stay on it, looks pretty cramped. The camp ground looks very pleasant. Great shot of everyone on the ferry. Hope you had a great rest day. Wow I have never heard of so many crashes on a trip. Ride safe.



Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the rest days. Thanks for doing the blog every day. Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride.

Ken C.