Friday, July 4, 2008

A Day At the Spa

Day 34 Băile Herculane

Băile Herculane is a spa town which has been around since roman times. During the soviet era it was a vacation destination for which was given as a reward to special workers whose service to the state was beyond the call of duty. After the soviet era the place fell into ruin and the huge old spas and baths became dilapidated and were closed. Now there are few here but local Romanians who have come for the mineral waters.

We had a great breakfast in the hotel. Jos, Garis and I set off to explore the hotel spa and found that we could get a twenty minute massage and swim in the hot pool for the equivalent of $5.00. A lot of people had tried to get appointments but confusion over how to book kept most people away. However we got our massage right away. It was really nice.

I cleaned my bike and worked on my broken water bottle cages. I got a spare from Olivia the bike mechanic and put a wire tie on the other one. A little computer work on the blog and e-mails and then down town for lunch. I had hoped to purchase a souvenir but there wasn’t much to purchase. In the afternoon a nap seemed in order.

This evening Jim and I have arranged to take our Romanian guide out for supper. Sebastian has been absolutely super and we figured that we would like to show appreciation for his work. On my trip downtown I scouted a play called Café Hercules. It looked very authentic.

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Jos said...

Terry, enjoying your blog and glad we are on the same trip. It's a pleasure to know and ride with you and share a number of experiences, including creating the Duck Award and the synchronised slapping of the massage session today - a surreal but therapeutic experience. No Roc! Cheers Jos

Anonymous said...

A day at the spa to undo the aches and pains of the rough roads of the last few days.

Enjoy the ride and keep up the good work.

We spent this weekend in Kananaskis and I rode up to the Highwood Pass from the north side.

Ken C.