Monday, June 13, 2016

Malin Head to LondonDerry June 13, 2016

It was nice and sunny this morning and you could see the Malin Head tower from the B&B.  So I was keen to get moving as this would wind up the end to end portion of the ride.  We did drive out yesterday as it was sunny in the evening but we needed to cycle up there to make it official.  As the chief cat herder I was stomping around trying to hurry folks along but it was all in vain.  Everyone was in slow motion.  Have to lube my chain, have to put on booties, have to change something else. Let’s just GO!  As a result of all the poking around by the time we got up there a thick fog had rolled in and you couldn’t see very much.  We took some pictures and rolled.

The route back along the peninsula was quite hilly.  There were several big climbs and then just before you got to Greencastle there was a very steep climb.  So when we stopped for a break Jos and Patrick decided to cut off the route along the coast and head straight for Londonderry down the main road.  Ken and I continued along the coast line route.  There were several beautiful cliffs along the way so I am glad we didn’t elect to take a short cut down the main highway.

Once we got into Greencastle we turned south along the coast and it was very pretty with the blue ocean on our left and the green canopy of trees on our right.  We stopped for lunch a few kilometers down the road where we got some deli sandwiches.  As we ate our lunch it started to spit rain so we pulled on our rain jackets and pedaled off.  It was only 30 kms at this point and with a nice tail  wind we made good time.

I had planned a back road into the Londonderry B&B were we are staying.  A few corners and Ken and I were on a bike route which took us within blocks.

The B&B is a totally remodelled brownstone house which is just outside of the old walled part of Londonderry.  The place is beautifully decorated and furnished. With a full Irish breakfast included in the price it is a steal.  Our little group are the only guests in the house so we have the place to ourselves.  I had been taking a lot of flak about this place as it is an old brownstone.  However I think that the naysayers are the ones eating crow now. 

Tomorrow we head to Ballycastle and start the Giants Causeway Costal drive. This is a UNESCO world heritage site so I am quite excited about seeing it.



Jim said...

Terry, I am back home and caught up with your adventure. We have been going day and night with two grandson graduations and three parties and a thousand miles of traveling.

As busy as we were it doesn't compare to your daily adventures. It is sure green there... Except for the time of the day when it is raining and dark. So you did have to mangage with three days of rain. Well done! Looks like you have the end in sight. Keep it up🚴🏽

Gail said...

Great blog as usual, sounds like you are getting a bit ready to get to the end. What was the "start/finish" for? A local bike race or run? These photos look exactly what I pictured the landscape to be.
We are sweating here in AZ and expecting temps in the next few days hitting up to 46c. So trust me, the fog and even the rain looks very inviting. We are still riding but just very early in the morning.
When do you return? I will be up in your neighborhood in July traveling with Margaret, Hilary and Christopher - we are going to meet up with Nicole and Murray and perhaps we can see you and Agnes as well.
Continue to be safe and pedal on!