Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ballybunion to Doolin June 7, 2016

Where to start the saga which was to days ride?  In the morning we had the most wonderful breakfast you can imagine at the Tides B&B.  David Walsh the proprietor runs an absolutely fabulous place.  This will be one of the treasured memories of our trip to Ireland.

So we are off down the road to catch the ferry at Tarbert across the bay.  This will cut 85 miles off the journey and make the trip up to see the Cliffs of Mohr possible.  We are a little late in leaving as it was kind of hard to leave the Tides – the coffee was sooo good.  However we jump on the pedals and make good time.  We arrive at 10:22 and make the 10:30 ferry.  It is only a 22 minute ferry ride across and a perfectly calm day so a perfect sailing.  I cannot think of the last bike ride I have been on which did not involve at least one ferry ride.

We pull into Killimer and eat an early lunch of sandwiches  in a beautiful park.  The weather is clearing off very nicely and off come the arm and leg warmers.  Any threat of a drizzle is long forgotten.   We pull out of there about 45 minutes ahead of schedule an start down the main road towards Spanish Point and the Cliffs of  Mohr.

Just after we cruise through Spanish Point which is a little sea side resort disaster strikes.  Patrick has a flat on the rear tire.  He cannot get the tire off so the two of us wrestle with it for close to 75 minutes before we can get the tire off.  I have never in all my years of cycling seen such a tight tire.  We wind up breaking two tire levers.  Another 45 minutes later we have the tire on but have a pinch flat in the wrestling match.  The tire comes off easier the second time and we decide to mount a spare tire that we had brought with us in case of emergency. This eats another 60 minutes and we are down the road about 3 kms and the tire is flat again so we call Agnes to come get Patrick.  We are really hopeful that he can get this issue resolved.

Having lost close to three hours the three of us proceed on up the coast.  We find the south entrance to the walking path up the Cliffs of Mohr.  It is really rough going but we are walking and or carrying our bikes.  At least I have a nice light carbon bike.   Words cannot describe the Cliffs of Mohr.  They are several hundred feet high and rise straight up out of the Atlantic.  I am not sure if they are considered one of the Natural Wonders of the World but they are totally phenomenal.  Top this of with the fact that we are there on a post card day.  I would bet that this pace doesn’t get this nice a day but once every five years. At one point a ledge I was walking on broke off  and I grabbed the edge of the cliff.  Ken C was there and tried to help me off the cliff.  Jos was quick with the camera and caught the action.   By the time we got to the Visitor center we had carried our bikes close to 6 kms and decided to ride the main road to Doolin where we are staying.
It was a long day on the bikes. From the time we set off until we reached the B&B we were on the road for over 10 hours.   But then if you want adventure you have to get out of the Lazyboy.



Anonymous said...

What a totally awesome day Terry! From David's great story-telling and breakfast to match, to the serene ferry ride, to the tyre monster wrestling and finally the cliffs. So glad that piece of lucky shamrock you grabbed as you were about to tumble 3 feet to a soft landing below held! You and Ken deserve an Oscar for that performance!

Patrick's people have been working late into the night to repair his bike and they expect it will be ship-shape for morning - well at least rideable to Galway. Hopefully the tyre eating monsters are behind us and it's smooth roads and down wind cycling. One can at least hope!

Another great blog post on the adventures in Ireland! Thanks for modifying the route to get us here. Jos.

Anonymous said...

Tough day Patrick all the best rest of the way. Beautiful scenery get them to post a picture of you.

Margaret Kavanagh said...

I agree the Cliffs of Mohr are spectacular.

Anonymous said...

wow spectacular but i dont believe your story re piece of rock giving way...terry you are such a drama queen i'm sure it was staged. i know you all too well.busted!!!