Thursday, June 9, 2016

Galway Rest Day June 9, 2016

So what is the best thing about a rest day?  Nothing –Doing nothing.  Not having to get up and jump into bike gear, hurriedly pack and thrash around get ready to leave then out on the bike and down the road.  On a rest day you can get up when you get up eat a leisurely breakfast, have a second, third or fourth cup of coffee.  Do whatever you want to do maybe that is nothing. 

Today was that day, I got up and had several cups of coffee, read the e-mail and the news.  Ken and Sally wanted to walk downtown; Agnes wanted to do nothing so I walked downtown with Ken and Sally.  Just down from the place where we are staying is a roundabout, with five roads leading off of it. We took the wrong leg.  Downtown is only a couple of kms from the house but the road we were on took us away from down town. The twenty minute walk took us close to two hours.
Downtown and the walking section of Galway was a very interesting place.  There are lots of buildings dating back to the 1500’s.  The day was nice and warm so the tourists were out in full swarm.  The outdoor cafes were full and it was just a great time.  We walked up and down several of the streets and looked in a few of the shops.  It was close to lunch time so we wandered into a pub which looked promising.  We had some great sandwiches in a very unique atmosphere.
Back outside we were not going to take the same route home so we got directions and sure enough about two turns later we could see the big super market which is just down from the place where we are staying. 

Ken and I cleaned bikes and oiled chains.  The Schwalbe tires on my bike now have just over a 1000 kms on them and there isn’t a mark on the tires anywhere.  This is very good as we have been down some fairly rough roads. 

Patrick and Jos have headed downtown for supper but Ken and Sally and Agnes and I are going to lay low and do a supper in the house.  Agnes drove me over to the supermarket and we bought stuff for a chef salad and a loaf of fancy oat bread.  It turned out great.

Tomorrow is a traveling day as we have 120 kms up to a the small town of Leitrim. 



Liam Cousins said...

Glad to see it is all going well - just back from Portugal after some cycling in the Lisbon area and a further week cycling the Douro valley (Porto - Peso Do Regua etc).
A bit weird looking at photos such your blog - such as the bridge over the Kenmare river where I was born and the Spanish Arch in Galway when I went to University. Sounds like you are getting rather un-Irish weather. Long may it last!
Hope to get to speak to you and Agnes later in June or early July for some planning.
Regards to Agnes and the rest of the gang.
Liam [just back in Aberdeen]

Howard Brown said...

You still had a lot to say about "Nothing" Terry. Good narrative.

Gail said...

Great photos as usual Terry - loved the pub pic. Fibber Magees - really? And I always thought that was a made up name. Did you see Molly?