Monday, June 20, 2016

Back to Dublin

Temporary Posting

We rode in from Dundalk this morning to drop our rental bikes back at Cyclebike in Dublin.  This completes the 2000 kms cycle trip.

What a trip!   An unbelievable trip with a thousand stories.

I will put ups a better story tomorrow as today we are off to celebrate.  Important stuff like rider awards



Cynthia Bergland said...

Congratulations on a great ride! I am taking your advice a reassessing all my foul weather gear.

Gail said...

What a wonderful adventure, I so enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations to you and your cycling chums on completing the ride. You certainly had your share of weather, bike mishaps and other obstacles, but you always put a positive spin on the day. Just goes to show how you see the world Terry and that you keep true to the old quote "there is no bad day when you are riding your bike."
I can hardly wait to chat with you and certainly hope to catch up with you when Margaret and I are up in Kelowna in a few weeks. Best to Agnes and enjoy the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Well done, guys. Currently in Wisconsin, riding self supported, credit card camping, and I have thought of you guys every day and shared stories with my riding buddy Lyle. My body was not with you, but my mind was. Later, Earniek

Terry said...

Really sorry I missed you yesterday Terry, was expecting you guys back today.
I Have really enjoyed the blog, its been great.. A huge congratulations to each of you, really well done.
A seriously enviable trip..
Getting my head around when i could plan a similar trip, will keep an eye on here for future road trips,
You have my mail should you ever need to contact for any reason..
Take care and
Thanks a lot Terry

Ashley Fox said...

Way to go Terry!