Saturday, April 17, 2010

Florida Bike Safari Day 1

The trip to Live Oak

I am calling it day one but it is really day zero minus one. But then if you are counting I guess it was really day before when the adventure started. The finding where the tent was put after the 2009 adventure, where is the sleeping bag. How about the air mattress? Is it still going to hold air? So there I am 10:30 slapping the bike into its box and in a total panic on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning Don and I have totally civilized flight out of Calgary to Orlando oat 12:00 noon. I get to sleep in and having run-around like mad the night before it is simple to load the truck and Agnes and I head off to pick Don up.

The Westjet to Orlando is perfect as it is a direct flight. This makes the flight with bikes really easy. Westjet is very civilized about bikes. They fly them with no extra charge. Some airlines will fly golf clubs but not bikes yet the sum of the dimensions are the same. Personally I find this sort of discrimination disgusting. My bike weights half of what a full set of clubs weight but it’s a bike so we can’t fly it. These airlines are trying to promote how green they are but when it comes to the greenest form of human they can’t fly them.

Getting back to the topic of the trip it was great. And that was uneventful. Don and I arrived in Orlando and I grabbed cart and stood around waiting for the luggage to show up while Don went and got the van. On the road and on our way to Live Oak by 8:00 PM. With a 170 miles to Live Oak Don did great getting us into Live Oak about 11:30PM including a 45 minute super stop.

So we put up our tent by flashlight. I have this new head lamp I got at the big junk store for $2.00 it is great. Well at any rate it is time for a quick beer and off to bed.

It has been a long day. Crawling into my sleeping bag is great.

Tomorrow we ride!


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