Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 Florida Bike Safari Day 5

It started raining about 8:30 last night and by 9:00 it was pouring. It poured until about 5:30 Am this morning. The sound of rain on a tent is really a soothing. I laid down and was asleep in less than a minute. We had set the alarm to go at 6:15 because we had to get packed up to head up to Cherry Lake to begin the second half of the trip. So when we crawled out it was still dark and everything was dripping wet.

I put on my CRX tights because it was cool and I was worried that it may start raining again. However we got lucky and the rain held off.

It was a pretty uneventful ride up to Cherry Lake. It was only 61 miles up to Cherry Lake. So we left later and were still here just after 12:00 noon. The biggest excitement was that there was construction over about 4 miles. The construction crew has scraped up all of the asphalt and it was down to base. It was a pretty rough road. Fortunately it was short.

The second most exiting thing was Don got a flat just as we were headed into a corner. As his rear tire went down he got real lose and almost lost it. Fortunately he was able to save going down and so we stopped to fix a flat about 4 miles from camp. As a result of leaving late and Don’s flat we were a little late getting into camp. So we were only able to get one serving of hot dogs. I had two hot dogs, a big helping of nachos covered in cheese sauce and an ice tea. It was great.

The Cherry Lake Camp ground is so pretty. Cherry Lake is small lake which is surrounded with cabins set among the live oaks all of which have the Spanish moss hanging from them. At the camp ground there are little dorms which have 9 bunks in them, fortunately we only have 4 in our dorm. The buildings are all of the 1950’s vintage but have been very well maintained so. It is very comfortable. Best of all there is lots of hot water and the showers are excellent.

My camera is plugged in being charged so I’ll post so pictures a little later.

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