Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16 Florida Bike Safaei Day 2

What a great day to sleep in and enjoy the morning. The sun is out and it is nice a warm. It has been such a long winter.

It is 9:30 by time we roll out of bed but the plan for the day is to put the bikes together and buy beer. However before that can happen it is off to the Dixie Grill for breakfast. What a feed!

So we assemble the bikes and Don and I are off for a 15 mile spin. It is so nice to ride in shorts without 4 layers of clothes. After the ride it is back to the camp for beer. Jim is nowhere in sight so I decided to head off for a 25 mile ride. It is just great. I am cruising along at 20 mph and then realize that I have a tail wind. Ok time to turn around and then have to fight to maintain 15 mph on the way back.

As I arrive back to camp Jim shows up, so Jim and I head off for a 15 miles spin. It is really great to be cruising along. We cruise the local roads which are very quiet.

What a wonderful day. Fifty five miles of great rides.

At tonight’s rider meeting I don’t win any of the door prizes but it was a lot of fun. There is a prize for the oldest rider. He is 86. The prize is that he gets to go to the front of every line up. The youngest rider is 12. There are a total 129 for threes days and 326 for the six day ride. This is a total of 455 for the first three days.

Time to get to bed as tomorrow breakfast is served at 6:30 Am and we ride at 8:00 Am

Good night sleep tight.


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