Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18 Florida Bike Safari Day 4

The question when ever I start is where is where to start. Do you start with and an exclamation. Maybe you can do that once in a while but when you do it every day it starts to wear out. How can you start everyday with a Zowie or a WOW? Pretty soon people think that is you entire vocabulary. However to day was one of those kind of days where you do want to start with a wowie.

At 8:00 Am when we stated out it was just over 50 F so it was a little cool. However by the time we got to the first rest stop it was nice and warm. The second rest stop came up pretty quickly and then it was decision time. Do you do 70 miles or press on to the century ride? Jim was keen to do the century. So I decided to press on with Jim to the century.

The second half was where all the fun happened. Jim was on a roll and setting a blistering pace. It was all I could do to keep up. In a blink of an eye were at the 70 mile mark where the third rest stop was. Jim and I were off and tearing it up. In fact we blew a turn and were 10 miles up the road when there was a terrible bang and Jim blew a tire. Not just a tube but a huge hole in the side wall of his tire. So we put a patch on the inside of the tire and were off. We have about 15 miles to get to town but because we are of course there is no sag support. About 5 miles later we pulled into a gas station and the tire has developed bubble. So we got some duct tape and made a patch for the tire and were off. It was a great patch we rode all the way back to town and no problems.

Topping things off tonight is the first corn on the cob night. They boil corn on the cob in this huge pot which is 6 feet across. It is so big that it is mounted on a utility trailed. The corn is absolutely great. Then they were pouring beer. It was the perfect way to finish a great day.

Warm weather, good roads, good food, good friends. What could be better?

Well they are calling supper so I better go.


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