Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rest day in Cork May 31, 2016

Today was a rest day so it was a day to sleep in, and sleep in we did.  At 9;30 we realized that breakfast was only served until 10:00 am so it was hurry up and get dressed and hurry over to breakfast. 

The breakfast menu chooses for the Garnish House were phenomenal. There was at least 4 different omelets, full Irish breakfast, half Irish breakfast, several different kinds of pancakes, waffles, French toast,  and all kinds of different egg and toast combinations.  I choose an omelet and it was great.  The Garnish House isn’t true b&B as breakfast is not included but at 10Euros for anything on the menu it is the best deal in Cork. 

After breakfast there was no doubt that we were headed into the main shopping area to find a bike shop and an Irish bike jersey.  On our way we walked through the Cork English Market which was originally a meat market.  It still has a lot of different butcher shops in it but there are all kind of other shops offering fancy pastries, chocolates, vegetables, and lots of other exotic foods and spices.  Ths smells were wonderful.  I loved walking through the market and day dreaming about all the different chops, steaks ribs and sausages. It would be so much fun picking out something different every day for your supper. 

After the market we came to a bike shop and they had a good selection of very nice jerseys in  Irish green with beautiful Gaelic designs.   I think they must have all been racer cut as I tried on a XL and it was skin tight so I would up in a XXL.  It is a beauty and will make an excellent addition to the jersey collection.

After the bike shop Ken and Sally and Agnes and I opted to do a “Hop on Hop Off” bus tour of cork.  They have these open top double decker buses and it was great fun sitting way up top in the bright sun.  Yes it was 23 C and bright blue skies.  The bus wound around downtown which is built on an island in the river Lee.  There are a huge number of bridges on the island most of which were constructed in the early 1800’s.  The route took us down to the south past a number of beautiful cathedrals and finally up the north side.  How the bus got down some of the little tiny streets on what must have been 30% grades is a total mystery.  One of the stops was at the old city jail.  So we jumped off and took a tour through the jail.  It was pretty brutal and not only that people were imprisoned for totally minor crimes.  A month for stealing a napkin. There was one story of a young boy who was imprisoned for five years for stealing two brass clocks. 

After the bus tour we headed back to the hotel to clean bikes, rider meeting and get ready for tomorrows ride down to Skibereen. 

There are two major climbs tomorrow and I am going to try and retain the King of the Mountain jersey, however I have been warned there are three other riders lining up to take it.



Howard Brown said...

Ireland sounds like a great place to cycle Terry, in spite of the challenging hills. Keep up your detailed blogs with the interesting pictures even though it must be a chore!

Ted said...

Enjoying your blog and especially the castle pics! Ted W.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Really enjoying reading the blog each day. Your weather has been fantastic, I think you more than earned it after your rainy and windy trip to NZ. I do not recall a single day without rain during our two week visit there, so good on you. You all certainly seem to be getting the most out of your trip. I started to get worried about Jos, as I had not read about him in your blog, but I saw a picture of him in the background at the castle a couple of days ago. Keep up the good work, and I wish you continued great weather.
Later, Earnie

p.s. Terry, on the XXL jersey for you, now you know why my British jersey is a 7XL! Whatever it takes to fit properly!

Terry said...

Going well Gents, loving the blog.. Terry, I'm watching you... look after my baby.
make the most of the sunshine, its lasted longer than usual....

Anonymous said...

It's clear you are having a terrific trip. Your photos are spectacular. Thanks for sharing this great adventure with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, your tour of Cork brings back some great memories of our trip there 2 years ago. Have a Murphy's for me. Cheers!

Bill & Marilyn

Anonymous said...

ha terry, re shirt...didn't you know irish people are small (leprechaun??). and geeeez terry, you are sooooo competitive!!!!!!!!!!!