Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kelowna to Dublin May 24-25 2016

On Monday night I dropped Ajax off that the dog sitters house.  It was tough leaving the big guy behind.  He knew something was up as his bed and dog dishes were in the car and we don’t take them to the park.  The house seemed really empty and quiet without him.  I am really think I am going to have to get him certified as a companion dog so that he can come with me on the plane.

The flight was at 8:50 Pacific time which wasn’t horrifically early but by the time you back up security and getting to the airport and all the other stuff we were up at 5:00 Am Tuesday and arrived in Dublin and by the time we got to the apartment and settled in it was 4:00 Am Pacific time Wednesday.  The trip was tough because the flight was broken up into three segments.  Kelowna to Toronto which was about 4.5 hr.  Not enough to get any sleep and no meal service. The plane landed at a small satellite terminal which had no food services and there was not enough time to leave security and go to the main terminal.  The second leg was from Toronto to St John’s Newfoundland. The second leg was again about 4.5 hours and again not long enough to get meal services and not long enough to get any sleep.  The St John’s airport is quite small and again no food and not enough time to leave security.  The last leg into Dublin is also about 4.5 hr so no sleep and no food.  At least on the 12 hr flights you get food and sleep.

As we stepped through customs Patrick was there waiting for us. It was good to see him. I was concerned how we were going to meet him in the airport. Jos arrives in about an hour from London so I will go exploring with him.

We have an apartment right downtown Dublin.  It is only a few blocks from all of the major attractions.  The host is really quite a character.  Rory gave us a great description of all the things to see and places to eat.  

Jos arrives and we go and to eat and have a Guinness.


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Anonymous said...

Good to know that the adventure has begun! When will Ken and Sally join you? Can't believe you are going to try to get all of you and your gear in a car, as opposed to a van. But I can well understand Agnes not wanting to drive a van in Ireland! The weather looks great, well done.