Friday, May 27, 2016

Dublin May 27 2016

Everyone did their best to sleep in this morning but everyone was awake at around 5:30 am.  The jet lag is still working on us.   Jos probably the least as he has had three weeks in England prior to arriving here.   However it was really nice laying in bed until you absolutely had to get up and get rolling. 

We had a leisurely breakfast and a lot of fun talking about this trip and past bike trips.  Ken was on the phone working on getting his luggage delivered from the delivery company.    Rory’s apartment where we are staying doesn’t show up in Google maps, so Ken was pretty concerned when talking to the delivery personal.  However it did show and then we headed off to get our rental bikes. 

We got down to the rental shop and the mechanic who was supposed to be getting the bikes ready was sick and so there were no bikes ready.   The store manage says that there only two bikes and we are one short.   Hey we are in a bike shop and there are lots of bikes how can we be short a bike I reserved three months ago.   So then this bike is dragged out and then another bike. One looks really bad, really dirt and the chain looks pretty saggy and the rear cassette is at best a 27 which is way too small.  Then Terry the store manager drags out this big steel touring bike with bar end shifters.   But it is a really good bike.  Ken takes a shine to it.   Of the original two one is brand new and it is just Patrick’s size.  Not the world’s best road bike but a nice aluminum bike with a brand new drive train.  Finally Terry goes and gets this beautiful black all carbon bike with Ulterga drive and Fulcrum 5 wheels.  Ok I can ride this but I have to promise that if I am going down I have to hit the ground first so that the bike can land on me.   I am also told he has a GPS in the bike so he can track me around and I cannot make off with his pride and joy.   We all leave really pleased with our bikes and are glad to be rolling. 

Back at the apartment Jos wants to go for a ride and Patrick and I join him.  I thought it would be a great idea to do a shakedown ride to get the Garmin’s tuned in and expose any  faults which need addressing.  Jos lays out a 30 kms course around Dublin stopping at a big bike shop down at the south end of town and through Phoenix Park.  When we get down to the bike shop we are standing in the parking lot and who drive up but Terry from the bike shop.   “See I have GPS in the bike  and thought I better see what you are up to.”  Turns out he was off running errands and spotted us.  Too funny.  Bikes work out very well and we are ready to roll out in the morning.

So the ride starts first thing in the morning thanks to Terry from CycleBikes. 

Thanks to Rory for hosting us in his Airbnb apartment. 



Cynthia Bergland said...

Well I think I am glad I am bringing my bike from home...Terry you always seem to roll with the punches! I think you will be riding very close to the rental house we will have in August at Corran Beg near Mizen Head. Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

ha ha. that is too funny re the bike manager. with a name like terry whadda expect. have a good ride.