Thursday, April 23, 2009

On The Way Home

Florida Bike Safari Day 6

As the alarm jangled Don and I awake at 6:00 Am it was still dark. However as we had to get packed up, get our luggage on the truck back to Live Oak, and ride 50 miles back to Live Oak from Cherry Lake, there was no turning over for a snooze. We packed our stuff up and pulled on the riding gear and headed for the kitchen for breakfast. Have I mentioned that this ride has great food? Well it does. In fact it was sold to me as having the best food of any organized ride in North America and I believe it.

Last nights beer/corn on the cob/rib fest was truly wonderful. The smell from the smoker had been teasing us for two days, and the result was well worth the wait. I went back for seconds and then was so full all I could do was stumble back to the cabin and into bed. These were the best ribs I can remember.

As I was saying before I digressed. We were up early and on the road by 6:59 AM. It was light enough to ride and the sun had not started up yet. There was a lot of dew on the grass and you could see where the spiders had cast their webs in the grass beside the road. Some of them were amazingly elaborate. About 15 miles out we ran into early morning fog. It was warm and moist. Unlike most fogs which are cold. So with no wind we cruised along making great time. Don was a man on a mission. So we closed the 50 miles down to Cherry lake by 9:50 Am. We didn't stop for pictures, so no pictures today.

We threw our bikes in the boxes, had a quick shower, collected our luggage from the truck and headed off for Orlando. We had about a 3.5 hour drive to the airport. Having lots of time we stopped and had lunch.

The Orlando Airport has Internet service so I get to post my blog, before the plane home. We arrive at midnight, Calgary time. It is snowing in Calgary and -5C, along way from the sunny and 33 C here.

It will be good to sleep in my own bed.


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Anonymous said...

Terry, thanks for the cool pics and great writing.

Oh, and welcome back to winter!