Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Florida Bike Safari Day 4

I messed up and called yesterday day 4 when today was day 4. Oh well it really doesn’t matter it is all good. The food is good, the roads are great, the weather has been perfect, and of course we are riding our bikes.

Today was a metric century ride. Don and I started off just after 8:00 Am and the weather was already getting warm. It only took a couple of miles and we were pulling off the leggings, arm warmers, riding jackets and other layers. This left Don wearing his Alien jersey which was a big hit with all the riders. We headed north towards Georgia, and the hills. These are hills by Florida definition not Colorado or Calgary definition of hills. They are kind of the big ring rollers where you go hard on the down hill and down shift all the way up the next hill without down shifting out of the big ring on the front. If you time it just right you make it over the top. Don and I joined Tom and his buddy Ernie for the ride. Having a group swapping stories made the trip just fly. I looked down and we were at 40 miles. We hit a place were the road had just been paved with new chip coat. The vibration was enough to knock your teeth out. The road didn’t knock my teeth out but it loosened the clip on my left shoe. All of a sudden my foot is flying around and not connected to the pedal. When I stopped the clip was still in the pedal. Just try and get a clip out of a pedal when your only tool is a bike tool set. Of course where I stopped was right by the swamp and the mosquitoes came out in hordes. Luckily the SAG van pulled up, I backed the tension all the way off got the clip out of the pedal and I jumped in the Sag van to reattach the clip to my shoe.

I had my bike camera mounted on the handle bars today. I took 386 photos before the batteries gave up. Looks like the batteries are good for about 1200 pictures, on the 2 second mode, and about 900 pictures on the 5 second mode. I have to get some rechargeable lithium batteries as they will give me a longer run time. I also need to figure out how to put the photos into a slide show where you only see the shot for a very short time like a 0.25 second or less so that it looks like a sped up movie.

When we got in there was freshly grilled burgers. I was starving and dived into two huge burgers. They were great. Speaking of food they just rang the supper bell. Time to eat again!! I really love cycling; it allows you to eat constantly.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your comments.

“Join the flock” (on the Florida Bike Safari jerseys it is the slogan)



Agnes said...

What a great day . . .too bad you can ONLY take 900 or 1200 pictures a day . . . I think I like the handle bar mount pictures better than the seat post mount.

Ride safe, have fun, that is not an oxymoron.


Jim said...

Hey Terry and Don,

It sounds like another day in paradise. What's with them mosquitoes. I am surprised it is cool in the morning.

It is mid-90s here. Tomorrow I do a 50 miler with the group.

What are you going to do with all them pics? You are getting a good road perspective.