Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Start Tomorrow

Here we are in Paris! Totally unbelieveable.

The flight left on Wednesday at 10:00 PM and we (Don & I) at 11:30 on Thursday we arrived. Total time on the plane and including time change over 24 hours. Naturally our bikes weren't on the plane they were on the next plane which was due in an hour. So we sat down and waited. Tw0 hours later we had our bikes. Lucky we found a van which drove us to the hotel so we didn't have to wait in the cab que which was easily an other 1.5 hours. The van boiled over just as we reached the hotel so we jumped out.

I did manange to get up and go for a 2 hour run in the morning. It was really great running though the streets down to the Seine. At 6:30 there was very little traffic and the sidewalks were empty.

Yesterday Jim Don and I walked down and visited the Louve. Although we walked continuously for 4-5 hours we didn't see it all. We did see the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory and numerous other famous paintings and sculptures. For supper we meet up with Curt and Clare and had supper in a sidewalk cafe. Although it was quite expensive it was sure fun. A 500 ml beer is over 12.00 cdn!

Today we had our fist rider meeting and learned about the luggage routine and how they will run the tour. You get two bags but only one which can be accessed every day the other one only gets unloaded on rest days. Great all my careful planning is out the window. Otherwise it looks pretty straight forward.

Although I can't seem to access my e-mail accout I have heard that big dog Phantom is recovering from what ever mystery illness attacked him. He sends along a great big WOOF WOOf to all his friends. This is a really big relief as I was extremely concerned that I had left him for good.

There is a ton of things to tell about the beauty of Paris and I would love to insert a great many pictures but unfortunatley I am writting this from an internet cafe which doesn't allow up loads so if you wanted to see pictures of Paris you will just have to Google them. If there are a million errors I appolagize as this is a French machine and it doesn't have an English spell check. In addition all the keys have been scrambled which makes typing real fun. Great bad spelling and no pictures! Never the less thanks for dropping by and thanks for leaving comments.

Tomorrow we ride for Provins 105 kms. (It was hilarilous watching Jim try to reset his cycle computer to kms from miles)



Anonymous said...

C$12 for a beer, and 4-5 hours in the Louvre; sip, don't guzzle, and enjoy the ride. Hopefully your laptop fits in the "everyday" bag and we can enjoy your blog one sip at a time.

Ken C.

Agnes said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start. Hope you can access your email soon. Phantom is quite perky today . . . jamming 5 different pills down his throat 2 -3 times a day is getting more difficult!

Kurt and I send our love,


Wes said...

Hi Terry,

Glad to hear Phantom is OK. Pet-Sitting would'nt be the same without him. Happy riding... Wes

Anonymous said...

You are suppose to drink WINE in France, beer in GERMANY! No wonder the beer was $12. Wine is prob $0.50. Anyway, looking forward to reading the blog! it's raining AGAIN in Calgary. I thought of you as I watched the poor souls slough it out on their bikes on the way home. Hope you are having good weather.