Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Good Day For A Ride

Here it is less than three weeks to go before we leave for Paris. Before I go any further I should clear up what the actual dates are. I received a comment saying that I had not been clear on what the actual dates were. So I should apologize for this short coming. We leave on May 28 for Paris and arrive the evening of May 29. This give us a couple of days in Paris as we leave for Istanbul on June 1. We arrive in Istanbul on July 20 and fly out on July 23. This is hardly sufficient to see two of the most interesting cities in the world, but it is what we have.

Training is progressing well. This morning I got up early and did an 11km run with the university marathon group. It was a little chilly at 0 C but after you warmed up it was fine. On the run along the river path we saw several Canadian geese chicks. They were very cute little balls of bright yellow. Don and I jumped on our bikes right after the run and rode out to Bragg Creek. The Bragg Creek is just under 100 kms at 98 kms, it has several large hills, and there is always a head wind coming out of the Elbow River Valley. The snow which we had on Thursday is all gone here in Calgary but out in Bragg Creek there is still a foot on the ground. Apparently there was 3 ft out in Canmore. As we stared out there was a cold sprinkle of rain coming down but it cleared off as we started up the Edworthy hill. We were warm by time we got to the top and the sun was out. As we left the city limits the ride takes us past all these beautiful acreages. We watched a hawk catch a mouse in the fields. The hawk was circling the field and then dived on the mouse. As the hawk lifted off you could see the mouse in his talons. Then not two minutes later this huge coyote ran across the road in front of us. At Bragg Creek we pulled into Subway. It was great. So there we are headed home with a tail wind and the sun on our backs. What could be better? As we are getting close to town I spot this pair of shades in the ditch. They are in perfect condition except for a couple of minor scratches. They are marked as "Harley Davidson Classics" It was a good day for a ride.

Today's picture is of myself with a pair of shades that I found in the ditch. As you can see they are classics.

Tomorrow we ride to Chestermere Lake. So lets ride.



Anonymous said...

Cool shades Terry! I'll bet that the biker who lost them looked up to see a hawk, and had the glasses blown off of his face by the wind. On one of my last rides, I found a pair of needle nosed pliers, which I was happy to add to my toolbox.

Ken C.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have grabbed life by the handlebars haven't you Terry!
Very inspirational..... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the upcoming journey.

Kathy S.