Saturday, May 17, 2008

10 -- 100 -- 1000

It was smoking hot in Calgary today. At 30 C this had to be the hottest day of the year. It was great cycling in shorts and a jersey. No triple layers of long johns, no under shirt, tech shirt jersey and parka, no hat under your helmet, no mittens over the riding gloves, it was great. The weather sure brought the crowds out, I don't think I have ever seen so many riders out on the road.

I started this great day with an early morning 10 k run. This friend was headed off to London Ont and I would be gone by time he got back so we got together at 7:00 am for a run. he brought his two dogs with him, so I took one and he took the other one. It was kind of different running with a dog, but fun. My two dogs are too old to run with. Phantom has really bad arthritis and Xena just couldn't do it. Later we sat on the deck and drank iced tea and watched the four dogs play in the yard.

I could have sat there drinking iced tea all day but all too soon it was time to get ready to go, get changed into the bike gear, load the bike into the car, and get down to meet Don. There wasn't any question about where we were going. We were headed off to Bragg Creek. Lots of hills, and miles to cover. We didn't see any wild life today it may have been too hot. I did see a pair of shades on the side of the road but they only had one lens. I would have stopped to pick them up, but I has going down hill at about 45 kms/hr. They would have made a good material for the blog. "My second pair of ditch shades" By time we got back to Calgary we were hot and tired. Our bike computers said 96 kms so we rode down the road for a couple of kilometers so that we would have a 100 km day.

Hot and sweaty I fell into the shower for the last leg of my triathlon. Standing there letting the water melt away my stiffness was wonderful. After I toweled off and put my watch back I noted that I had stood in the shower for 1000 seconds. What an amazing day! 10 kms run - 100 kms bike ride - 1000 second shower. I am glad I didn't have something else to do 10,000 is a really big number.

Let's Ride



Bob Wemer said...

Hi Terry,

I'm sitting here in Holbrook twiddling my thumbs because by pictures aren't uploading - I think that the blogger must be overloaded. We had a great 96 miles today with a light t-wind. The temp got a little warm but it was bearable. This was probably my easiest century ever - but then we just lucked out with a perfect day.

You d-day is getting close. Hope that your training is going well.

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. Your tips over the last few months helped tremendously in preparing for this XC. Tracy is away from the tour for a couple of weeks. She was to have back surgery today. Jim Hall is sort of running the tour while she's gone. Jim says that he rode a lot with you last year.

Best wishes, Bob

Gil said...

Yo Terry,

Have a great ride. I wish you and crew a safe, and fun ride. Look forward to following the adventure on your blog. Video of XC Tour goes to Furnace MFC to be replicated tomorrow. 46 min. Do Good. Gil

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry

You were kind enough to run with me the first few times with the 2008 marathon group. I really enjoyed your positive energy and your story.

Have a ball on this adventure! I'm thinking there are many new cultures that are about to get an injection of joy when you ride through.

Lynn Haley

Anonymous said...

Terry, best wishes for a great ride and a new adventure every day. Looking forward to reading your blog.

Ken C.