Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 16 2017 Inver Gordon to Cambridge

Today was the biggest ride of the entire tour at 586 miles (943 kms) and took 10 hours.   We didn’t ride bikes though we drove.

After a wonderful breakfast in our luxury B&B we loaded up the van and headed south in the van.  We got away about 9:00 am which pretty good time was considering nobody was really looking forward to the drive.  

Luckily we never hit any traffic congestion and the trip went quite smoothly.  Agnes and Jos traded driving duties while Patrick and I alternated snoozing and making bad jokes about everything under the sun.   One of the favourites being that we wanted to die in our sleep like the driver.

Jos admitted that today was the furthest that he has ever driven in one day.  For Agnes and I making the trip to and from Phoenix this was something we do on a pretty regular basis. 

On the way back we drove past so many interesting things which we had not seen on the way north, it really drove home the point that you could probably spend a life time visiting all the places. For example, I would have loved to  stopped to see the castle Sterling (see picture above).

So we have two days to rest up and recover before making the flight home.  The plans are to get everything washed up and packed up and then get out and see some of Cambridge.  There are several very nice museums in the area and maybe even a day trip into London. 


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Anonymous said...

Looked like a good day for a ride. Good day for a big drive; doing the same in an all-day rain would make it a tougher drive.

Thanks for doing the blog and for the great pics.

Ken C.