Friday, July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017 Selkirk to Edinburgh

I don’t know what the problem was this morning.  We got up at the regular time, at breakfast at 7:30 Am which is the regular time then got out to go get on bikes and things just broke down.  There was more messing around and fiddling about than I have seen in a long time.  Finally I went and sat in the van with my eyes closed until we were all ready to roll. 

By now the brief sunny get away has turned to threatening clouds.  The rain held off for the first 6 miles (10 kms) but it did finally catch us so we had to stop and put rain coats and shoe covers on.  The rain only lasted a few miles but now I was hot and sweating in the rain coat and didn’t dare take it off as I would have frozen in the wind which had now picked up.  

At about mile 9 (14 km) we turned off the road and on to a pathway.  The first bit of the path was paved and rolling on the side of a river.  However this didn’t last and before we knew it we pounding down a horrid rough track.  It seemed like the rocks were all sticking up above the dirt and were far enough apart that the wheels had to roll up and over each one.  No wonder Jos’ fillings came out.  You really had to make sure your tongue was not in the way or you would bite it. Fortunately the really rough section was only a mile or so and then we were back on the pavement.

At mile 13.5 (21.7 Kms) the big climb of the day started.  It wasn’t very steep at 3.5%-5.5% but it lasted until mile 21.6 (34.8 kms).  Patrick set the pace with myself not far behind him.  There was a false summit and then an additional 2 mile (3.2Kms) of 4-6%.  From the summit there was an incredible view.  You could see all the way to Edinburgh which had to be 20 miles (32 kms) away.

We rolled down to meet Agnes for lunch which was a takeout sandwich from a supermarket.  We sat in the car and ate it.  I was freezing as my jersey was soaking wet from being under the rain coat.  Newton’s third law of motion was at work and I really didn’t want to get out of the van, however with Jos chiding me, I rolled out and we pedalled off to the condo. 

The ride into Edinburgh was only 10 miles(16 kms) and downhill so it wasn’t very hard.  It was mostly on paved paths, with only short sections on roads.   We touched down on the main ocean promenade which wraps around Edinburgh and from there we rode to the condo which is right on the ocean overlooking the Firth of Fourth.  You can see the world famous Firth of Fourth bridge, and Edinburgh castle.  What a terrific place.

Pizza for supper --- Yahoo!

PS__ Stay tuned for cool night shots from the balcony


Merle R. DiVita said...

Saving the haggis for tomorrow night? ;)

david allbritton said...

Gosh. A wet and cold day thru beautiful country. Terry, I have heald up nicely. Feeling great. Really enjoy your blog. Very detailed.
David A

Cynthia Bergland said...

Now that top picture looks like a real road! Edinburgh is so great..enjoy!!

Jurg said...

I finally made it, I followed up all blog entries. What an adventure! Congratulations to the best international lands end cycling team ever !
I looked at the comments and found my name in the section «chose an identity». So it seems I may comment.
I always wondered why cyclist choose to ride in the UK. (Well professionals do not, they prefer the Tour de France and the Giro d’ Italia!)
You still have 5 days to find the perfect cycling weather. I have the impression you have too much rain, but also too much sun, and get boiled!
Lots of things to see along these roads. Must be a good experience. I also like your accomodations, like the Bettyhill to come up. Go for it. Not far anymore.
I wish you a good sprint to the finish line.
Take care and have fun