Friday, July 17, 2009

Highway to the Sun

Ok! I am a little more than a little behind on my blog. It has been a total blur. Get up ride fall into camp eat, crash, get up ride, etc. So at rate the day after the big rain storm we awake to a killer head wind coming straight out of the pass. However this is the Road to the Sun day and a ride not to be missed. It is considered by many to be a riding icon. So we got into a pace line and head off. It is 16 kms of flat along the lake on the east side of Glacier and it is all we can do to make about 13km/hr into the wind. However we do get to the start of the climb where you gain 2200 feet over about 8 miles. As we hit the climb we turn into the trees and the wind is gone! So we do the climb quite easily to the summit. It is cold at the summit so we only stayed a few minutes and then down the other side the views are totally outstanding and what a ride it is. Over the course of about 10 miles you lose 3000 ft. From the West park gate it is an easy cruise into Kalispell where we have a welcome day off. What ride it was just great! I believe it this is a ride you have to do to believe.

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