Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blown Away

Well I guess that the good part is that it didn’t rain. The sun was out and so was the wind. Dean had called it dead on the money, when he said if it is sunny then we will have a head wind. Boy! Did we ever. Riding down from Longview to Pincher Creek was a real struggle. However we formed up in to a pace line and got it done. There are some very strong riders here and they did a lot of pulling into the wind.

Highway 22 is considered the Cowboy trail as it was along here where the rangers drove the cattle for the summer grazing. It is a beautiful area set up against the mountains to the west and the prairies to the east. The rains have turned the entire area a wonderful green and the landscape is covered with herds of cattle peacefully grazing. The modern day ranchers have placed large cut outs of cowboys, horses and cattle along the road and have built elaborated gates to advertize their ranches. It is a very cool place to ride.

Lunch was at the bottom of a hill and was out of the wind so we cruised in and had a great feed. It was nice and sunny. Being out of the wind was very nice and we soaked up the sun.

Pincher Creek is an interesting town and has painted a lot of the buildings with murals. They have done a lot to beautify the town and it really shows how much civic pride there is. Although I have been though Pincher Creek before I guess I never really saw how much has been done.

The ride was about 138 kms and after battling the wind all day was very glad to reach Pincher Creek. Vicky and Rita had driven ahead to secure our campsite as the Pincher Creek campground does not take reservations. It was a very nice campground with great showers and we had a huge meal of barbequed chicken and spaghetti it was just great. I was totally stuffed.


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Anonymous said...

Terry, We all love the wind in Alberta! Cherish it! Make it your friend, otherwise It'll kill ya!

Cheers, Julian