Friday, July 1, 2011

Col Duh Bon EH (Col du Bonette) June 30 2011

Last night Richard grabbed my bike and made a canopy for it. Then at supper dressed in a bra and shorts and came out riding my bike. It was pretty funny. I then had to take it for a spin around the campground.

To day was the last of the Cols and was the longest and hardest day of the Les Dex Alpes. We were to climb the Col du Bonette which has a summit at 2780 meters. Then after a 70 km down hill we were to climb this second pass which summit was at 1680 meters. The total milage for the day was to be 158 kms. A long day without the two climbs.

Jurg and I had figured that it was going to be close to a 10 hour day including stops and lunch. Breakfast was at 6:00 Am and we were on the bikes at 6:35. About 3 kms out of camp we came upon a herd of sheep being driven up the road. It was pretty neat as they just flowed around you.

The weather was perfect for the first climb. It was 28 kms to the summit and we where there by 9:00 Am. It was an exceptional effort and was only possible as we had a cool weather and no wind. The views were absolutely stunning.

Lunch was down at 67 kms. There we found out that the road was closed so the alternatives where we were go over another col or ride down this valley. We choose the valley. It was all downhill but the head wind was brutal. You had to work like heck to keep rolling. At any rate we rolled in exhausted.

Tomorrow we ride to Nice and the end of the tour.


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Tinh T. said...

That was definitely a big day. You put in a tremendous effort and made it all the way! I'm inspired by how you pull out the goods every single day.